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Stop Spaghetti Marketing

Spaghetti Marketing is like tossing marketing dollars around much the same way a kid throws their spaghetti against the wall. Like a mess of spaghetti, very little of the random marketing dollars spent hits its mark.

There’s usually someone around who will sell you the latest and greatest whatever. Throwing marketing dollars around, without a strategic plan, guarantees that most of those dollars will be wasted. Full disclosure I offer a LinkedIn marketing strategy that is intended to be the front end of the marketing process

Three Keys to Avoiding the Spaghetti Marketing trap

Congruent - test your marketing plan against your sales process. Is marketing congruent with the sales initiatives? Open honest communication between marketing and sales goes a long way to helping stay focused on the results you take to the bank.

Consistent – a successful marketing strategy not only supports the sales process,

Marketing is effective over time and repetitions. That’s why you see the same ad over and over again.

Clear – are the marketing initiatives clearly stated? In order for stakeholders to be on-board, they need to be kept up to date and informed in a language they can understand. Make sure to approach marketing campaigns as a problem the prospect has and a solution you offer rather than features and benefits.

Taking the time to test your marketing against these three keys gives you the control you want without wasting time and money on ineffective marketing initiatives.

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