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If You're not Virtual You're NOT Real

"How do I use what I learning when it seems harder and harder to get a cold call answered by anyone much less a decision maker?" That was the lament I heard over and over again from my coaching clients.

The answer to their frustration is the WHY behind Sticky Profiles. I didn't do research and invest in learning how to use LinkedIn in order to become a so-called LinkedIn guru or to sell video training courses to mass numbers of people.

My research proved LinkedIn is a solution to 21st-century prospecting for profits. Recent stats show over 77% of buyers these days begin their journey online.

Unlike the olden days, prospects check you out before even engaging in a phone, video or in-person meeting. They check you out on your website and they look at LinkedIn unless you're selling a commodity consumer product. Even then LinkedIn is still considered the "go to" professional network.

So it surprises me that day after day I see so many skinny profiles. I wonder how come professionals ignore their LinkedIn presence when the numbers don't lie.

Your Sticky Profile is your personally branded billboard – your professional statement telling prospects who you are and why they should do business with you.

LinkedIn Personally Branded Profiles

Basics that must be included to prove you're real.

  • Your attention-grabbing headline

  • Your unique value proposition

  • Your professional photo

  • Your personally branded background (cover)

  • Your media Enriched such as a video and/or whiteboard animation

Too busy or too close to your own forest to see the trees:

We Personally Brand YOUR PROFILE FOR YOU

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