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Are You a Jargon Junkie?

Nobody will ever tell you they don't understand what you are saying

           They simply won't do business with you.

It's challenging to even consider that the way you describe your product or service may be vague or confusing to your prospective customer/client. You understand your language perfectly so it's easy to skip the step I named dummy down. Consider for a moment how just changing a few words can make the difference. There’re lots of books written the topic of gender communications. You're more likely to be familiar with the book "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" by John Gray than with the thousands of other books written on the same subject. The author described the difficulty of understanding the other gender in an easy to understand title that connects him to the reader.

Five Tips for avoiding being an Unconscious Jargon Junkie

  1. Remember your everyday language is jargon to others so speak in full words. Even words like B2B may not be understood by your prospect.

  2. Don't use acronyms in business correspondence/presentations unless you spell out the word. For example B2B (Business to Business)

  3. Eliminate phone text shorthand from all prospect correspondence particularly if you’re selling to someone of another (ok older) generation or someone who doesn't use texting for business.

  4. Make no assumptions. You may know what a "C" level executive is, but does your prospect or business associate

  5. Check your tech language at the prospect's door. Ask more questions and check their understanding as you go along. It might sound like this, "Sometimes I get so excited about my product/service that I tend to leave others behind. Please stop me if I am losing you along the way."

Simplifying your language so others easily understand is a conscious process.

Just the other day I was speaking to a client cautioning her about using jargon in

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