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Sales Genius Mastermind

Dump the Head-Trash – Bring Home the Cash 

Every sale begins between your two ears

 Eight weeks | Seven Wealth & Wisdom Lessons
Results You Take to the Bank Guaranteed*

Live- Interactive Program - Meets Weekly

Attract higher paying right fit-clients.

Use the Power of Intention to take effective action each and every day towards your goals

Eliminate worn-out, moldy money scripts,

myths and success beliefs  

Live the richly fulfilled life you're meant to 


Gain the courage and confidence to go after what you really want personally & professionally 

Exclusively for business owners and commissioned sales professionals committed to soaring through revenue roadblocks and skyrocketing sales to close more deals | make more money.

To see if you qualify,
Schedule a 30 minute one-to-one
I’m Serious about Skyrocketing
my business/lifestyle.

Results You Take to the Bank 
Double Your Investment*

*Be present and engaged for all 8 meetings. Complete all worksheet and be 100% satified with your results or I will coach you at no cost till you breakthrough revenue roadblocks and close more deals doubling your tutition.

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