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No Daughter of Mine

During my college years, I had a part time sales job at a store similar to a Macys. I loved that job and I was good at it. So good that my manager assured me that when I graduated, he would get me into their Management Trainee program IF I changed my major to retailing.

That positive reinforcement was all I needed. I was so excited that I could hardly wait to tell my Mom. Upon hearing that I wanted to change my major, my Mother had, what can only be described as, a hissy fit. No daughter of hers was going to be a salesperson. I had to tell my Manager no and not long after that my Mother found a reason for me to quit my job. Grades not up to par or something like that.

I went on to spend years in a profession I hated. When I launched my own training/consulting company, I quickly learned If you own your own business, you’re in sales.

It took me a long time to figure out that my Mom had given me an unspoken message that sales is not a “good” profession. I didn’t know that to her sales meant a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman interrupting her day. Her perception of salespeople wormed it’s way into my mindset without me even knowing it. Who wants to be seen as one of those pushy salespeople! Certainly not me.

Until I had an ah ha moment finding that buried message, I had no power over it and had no way of knowing how it affected my income.

Once aware, I could laugh and focus on the fact that sales is a noble profession.

By this time, I was both a student of sales and a marketing trainer/coach. The vast majority of salespeople/business owners I know are amazingly smart people.

Don’t let a hidden negative money messages create a revenue roadblock unlock your Money Mindset and jump through self-imposed barriers to sustained income beyond what you imagined possible. Check it out.

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