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Let Me Entertain You

Like the old song “Let Me Entertain You” * sales as entertainment can be seductive. A prospect wants to talk to you. They even schedule a conference call to meet their team. You’re sure this will be a “good ol time.” *

What you haven’t considered is that this prospect has no pressing need. He’s just filing time to be nice to you.

This really happened.

A Social Selling client asked me to sit in on a meeting with a web designer he had met at a networking meeting. I was surprised because his website is up to date and functioning as intended. I was confused. There didn’t seem to be a pressing website problem. But he insisted so I put it on my calendar.

I asked him why he wanted to take time to meet. “Well,” he said, “She may have an idea or two we can use.” I wondered aloud, “Does she work for free? Do you have the budget to hire her?” “No,” he replied to both questions.

Free Consulting was on his agenda. I wondered if it was on hers. I better check her out.

The first place I looked was her website. It was outdated by at least one or two generations.

A web designer with an outdated website? That made no sense. Her site told me did a little of everything digital with special emphasis on SEO. I spent less than 5 minutes on her website before she lost credibility without speaking even one word.

May I misjudged her so the next place I looked was her LinkedIn Profile. I’m no different than 77% of buyers and possible referrals partners who check you out online before they even speak with you.

You are being checked out so ask yourself


Then ask,

IS IT STICKY- meaning do first time viewers want to stick around and get to KNOW you

Three Sticky Profile Tips


Your decent, professional head shot. Clear, clean, and simple. Fancy backgrounds and family members belong on Facebook.

Branded Cover

Your professionally branded cover is free real estate that defaults to blue. It's valuable graphic visual space. Use it like it's a free billboard.


Your focused headline. You may know what all those fancy initials after your name mean, but I don’t and more importantly unless your teaching at a University, nobody else does either. If your industry requires certifications, they belong in the About section.

Want to know how to avoid Sales as Entertainment, take advantage of my a “pick my brain” Revenue Roadmap Strategy Session. No cost, no obligation, and no hassles.

nd not only didn’t she make a sale, the entertainment was free. Her website and profile made it impossible to send any referrals her way.

*Let me Entertain You

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