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Every Sale Starts Between Your Two Ears

I've found that a hidden fear of success overshadowed fear of failure. There are three too common mindset roadblocks that mess with closing more deals |making more money.

Self-image - the way in which they unconsciously view themselves, the way others see them and maybe even their family birth order. Unconscious negative messages are buried in past personal experiences or something said or inferred like “all salespeople are trying to rip me off” or “salespeople are pushy and arrogant.”

Just as destructive are ego-driven salespeople who refuse to be coached or shift in any way. Their blotted self-image is way out of proportion to their productivity. They need to right no matter the facts. It’s always someone else’s fault that the sale doesn’t close. Operations didn’t follow through or the credit department wouldn’t approve the terms.

Need for Approval – It may come as a shock that not all their friends and family will hop onto the breakthrough success bandwagon. They may even lose friends along the way—those who are incapable of cheering them on to new heights. Odd as it seems, some salespeople will unconsciously self-sabotage just to fit in with the accepted norms of their social group. Being a top sales producer shifts balance in personal as well as professional relationships.

Problem to Solve – Most people see their lives as a problem to solve rather than a vision to be realized. If only I could solve (name the problem) then life would be great. If only the customers would _______ (fill in the blank). If only their kids behaved better etc. Daily life becomes a quest to solve this or that problem.

Until these hidden fears of success are exposed to the light of day, they remain unconscious revenue road blocks

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