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Assumptions Are?

An Ass out of You and Me

I used the old standby, “let me think it over” objection because I wasn’t sure this particular app was the right one for my needs.

Rather than asking questions to find out if I had a hidden agenda, the salesperson went on autopilot assuming I had a price objection. He quickly offered a price reduction and added features. The more I said "I'll think it over," the lower the price.

After a couple of price reductions, I couldn't help but wonder what's the bottom-line price? How much would I have over paid if I said “yes” right away.

The salesperson had lost all credibility and a sale at any price.

I was reminded of a valuable lesson I learned from a story in the book “Three Magic Words” by U. S. Anderson* It goes something like this.

"During my years in the advertising business, I once had a customer in an intensely competitive market. His answer was to cut prices to the danger point. Despite the most frantic of his energies, his sales continue to decline.

"Look here," he said, "I'm just as smart as my competitors. I work harder than any of them. Yet, people buy their products not mine. What's the answer?"

"Do you like cheap imitations?" Mr. Anderson asked

"Of course not," the customer answered.

"Then what leads you to believe your customers do?"

"I never said they did," he protested

"But you act like it.”

The story goes on to explain how this business owner's discounting mind-set limited him. His customers sensed his defeatist attitude and decided to buy elsewhere even with the discounts.

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