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Money Emotional Quotient Survey (ME-Q) 

Please Answer the following questions to the best of your ability. There’s no right or wrong answers

The survey is for your information only. It may raise questions you want answered during our 30 minute qualifying meeting. 

1. Do the words “I can’t afford it” STOP your sales process?
2. Do you mentally spend your commission dollars before the sale is closed?
Do you spend more than 25% of your non-working hours worrying or complaining about not having enough money?
4. Do you say or think he words “I can’t afford it” personally when considering a purchase on average of 5 times or more a month?
5. When a prospect says “we don't have the budget” do you educate them with more features and benefits in order get them to see the value?
6. Do you or have you consistently shaved your commission or offered a discount in order to get the deal?
7. Do you argue with your significant other, spouse or children about money more often than not?
8. Which of these money messages did you hear as a kid? (check as many or none)

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May Not be Reprinted or Copied without Written Permission 

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